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Vegan + Organic = Veganic

Quality Certification Services is pleased to offer the Organic Stockfree (Veganic) certification which certifies growers to the Stock Free-Organic Standards developed by The Vegan-Organic Network. Stock Free is a private verification that we offer through our Specific Trade Practices (STP) Program. Stockfree is an add-on to the NOP organic certificate, so growers who don’t have a current NOP certificate are not eligible for this program.

This is a standard for organic growers who DO NOT:

  • use animal-based inputs on their operation
  • raise animals for food production
  • exploit animals for commercial gain
  • engage in practices that are harmful to domestic and/or wild animals

How to get started:

Stockfree Organic applicants should become familiar with the Stockfree standards (available for download below). Then, you can read our Overview of Stockfree Certification below to learn step-by-step how to apply! The steps are similar to the 5 steps involved in NOP organic certification. Stockfree application materials should be submitted to QCS with an annual NOP application.

QCS welcomes questions from farmers and growers who are already Stockfree, or are considering converting to this method.

For more information regarding Stockfree certification:
Contact QCS through our Contact page, an email to qcs@qcsinfo.org, or a phone call to (352) 377-0133

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