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QCS certifies an array of diverse operations all over the world.

Across the globe, consumers are willing to pay top dollar for the assurance that their products are produced in accordance with strict organic standards. In addition to protecting the environment, organic certification can translate to significant financial benefit for your business. So, what does organic mean? Organic agriculture is based on holistic production management systems which promote and enhance:
  • agro-ecosystem health
  • biodiversity
  • biological cycles
  • soil biological activity
Organic agriculture emphasizes the use of management practices in preference to the use of off-farm inputs, taking into account that conditions require locally adapted systems. These goals are met, where possible, through the use of cultural, biological, and mechanical methods, as opposed to using synthetic materials, to fulfill specific functions within the system. There are additional certifications that let consumers know that your company follows other standards such as Grass-Fed, Bird Friendly, Vegan, and more. Want to know how your operation can join the global QCS organic family? Let us show you how quick and easy certification can be! For information specific to your certification needs, click the applicable icon below. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

How to get started

Reach out to us on this page, in an email to qcs@qcsinfo.org, or with a phone call to (352) 377-0133.
  • Tell us about your business and certification desires.
  • Hear about our services and offerings.
  • Ask us any questions you have about the process, cost, timeline, etc.
  • Receive a free application packet with the forms and resources you need to apply.
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